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    Product Details 製品詳細

    MONXO API CI-4/SN is state of the art technology formulation specially designed to meet the requirements of Euro 4 and Euro 5 compliant heavy-duty diesel engines. Its higher viscosity index helps to provide better protection during start up as oil is able to reach all parts at shortest time possible.

    MONXO API CI-4/SN provides high durability of protection and oil-life which offers additional benefits to operators of vehicles fitted with exhaust particulate filters.

    Higher base number of the products neutralizes acidic materials created during fuel combustion resulting in better protection from corrosion & reduction in sludge formation.

    • New formulation for improved protection for Euro 3, Euro 4 (ACEA E7) & Euro 5 engines.
    • Exceeds latest industry & OEM standards(API CI-4).
    • Suitable choice for long-haul and mixed vehicle fleets.
    • Improved oil life, wear protection and soot-dispersancy.
    • Meet the US 2002 and Euro 3 & 4 emissions legislation.
    • Reduces contamination by soot, which causes wear & oil thickening.
    • Higher TBN reduces acid formation, corrosion and sludge which causes components corrosion & wear.
    • Reduces combustion acids from the use of exhaust gas recirculation which results in corrosion & short oil life.
    • Superior anti-foam performance important for engine oil use as hydraulic fluid in the fuel injection engine.
    • Need lesser oil to protect engine for engine with smaller oil sumps (for the purpose of reducing weight)
    • Exceeds the ACEA E5, E7 limit of ring wear.
    • Ensuring high level of protection requiring low emission and severe duty engines.
    • Improved performance in American and European engines from Cummins and Mack.